The Concept Behind our Business Model

The Store

Robusto Cigars is a haven for cigar lovers to enjoy their passion and savor nuances of true tobacco flavor. Our patrons often talk and share their impressions of the cigars with their peers in an overall relaxing and comfortable setting. We offer gourmet cigars made with leaves from diverse farms throughout Central and South America, Africa, and the U.S.

At Robusto Cigars, the focus is for cigar smokers to be able to concentrate on their cigars and all the implications that go with the experience of smoking a cigar. We provide a tranquil and friendly environment allowing people to converse about cigars, the art of growing tobacco, the art of making cigars, taste, aroma, and so on.

The Humidor

At Robusto Cigars, we store our cigars in a walk-in humidor room, which is completely lined with cedar wood, humidified to optimum relative humidity and temperature controlled. Cedar is generally used in the cigar industry as the wood of choice in which to rest or age the cigars, because cedar promotes humidity and is a repellent for the tobacco bugs.

Cigars in general are very temperamental. They react to low relative humidity or too much humidity in the air in addition to too cold or too hot temperature levels. They are also prone to bug infestation if not stored in a controlled environment. This is where the importance of a humidor comes into play... to preserve the quality of each cigar. We make sure our in-store humidor is perfect, so that the cigars remain perfect.

Our Customers

Robusto's ideal customer is the person who is excited about cigars and takes joy out of selecting his favorite from a wide selection. The other ideal customer is the novice enthusiast who is eager to learn the gourmet aspect of cigars and wants to experiment with taste and aroma profiles of various smokes. Whether they take the cigars home to enjoy in their privacy or sit down and smoke with company here, these folks appreciate the overall experience of smoking a quality cigar.

It is important for us that our customers feel welcome and at home. It is also important that we offer a friendly environment for men and women alike, as well as the cigar novice and the most seasoned cigar smoker.

Sarkis Ekshian