My letter sent to the President, HHS, and the FDA

Dear Mr. President, Secretary Price and Commissioner Gottlieb,

I'm writing to you in protest of the FDA regulations on premium cigars. 

I'm a small business owner of a cigar shop and lounge. I fear that the very existence of my business is at stake.

I am disturbed and upset by the actions of the previous administration in unleashing FDA regulations on an industry that is small, heavily taxed and barely surviving.

It is our right as citizens to enjoy our passion of smoking premium cigars and engaging in the business of premium cigars.

It is my hope that the new administration and the new government will understand the job-killing and personal-freedom-killing nature of the current FDA regulations and will reverse them.

Premium cigars are not cigarettes. They are a gourmet and passionate passtime of professional adults and they support an industry of artisans, manufacturers and retailers. 

I cannot and hope not to lose my business due to unreasonable government regulation.

Thank you!

Sarkis Ekshian