Robusto Cigars

A video clip introducing the store, some house cigars and conversation with a couple of friends in the industry from AGT Cigar. This video was created by filmmaker Tomas Chuck.

Walk-in Humidor Etiquette

In this episode of the “English Gentleman” series, we discuss some key issues about brick-and-mortar cigar shops, humidor etiquette, courtesy and best selection process for cigars.

Taking Your Cigars on the Road

In this episode of The English Gentleman we discuss and demonstrate several options for carrying cigars when traveling. We will look at different kinds of travel humidors/cases and what may happen when a fine cigar is neglected.

Cutting, Lighting, etc.

In this episode of the ‘English Gentleman’ series, we emphasize maximizing the enjoyment of your cigar with useful and effective cutting/lighting techniques.

Cognac and Other Enhanced Cigars

In this episode we talk about one of English Gentleman’s favorite cigars - the cognac cigar. We compare and contrast infused and barrel-aged cigars.

Cuban Cigars vs Non-Cuban Cigars

With so many people traveling to Cuba in recent years and so much hype and infatuation with Cuban cigars, the English Gentleman and I decided to talk about this subject and understand/explain the realities, the myths and the mystique surrounding it.

Delicia’s Visit to Robusto in 2012

A few short months after I opened the shop, I had the pleasure of a visit from the lovely Delicia, the Cigar Vixen. Here Delicia and I talk about the newly opened shop, the selection of cigars, the business model, etc.

Cigar Sizes

In this episode we talk about the various sizes and strengths of cigars, approximate time it takes to smoke certain cigars, etc.