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Robusto Cigars is the culmination of a twenty-year effort and a relentless pursuit to establish the perfect cigar store. My name is Sam. Powered by an unyielding passion for cigars I started this business with the quintessential cigar smoker in mind. I have been a cigar smoker for years and have always treated the experience of smoking a fine cigar with the respect and seriousness it deserves.

I stock a very savory, mouth-watering selection of cigars in top-notch condition. Our large walk-in humidor is lined completely with Spanish cedar and is climate-controlled all year round with a perfect balance of temperature and humidity. This assures that the cigars are in excellent condition for smoking now or for further aging.

Our store is well ventilated, cool and comfortable at all times. Some foot-tapping straight-ahead jazz is always present in the background and good conversation completes the ambiance.



Robusto, LLC

Cigars, Accessories, Lockers, Lounge

26 N. 1st Avenue

Arcadia, CA 91006