Beyond Taste and Smoke

If you have ever had the opportunity to smoke a premium cigar you have no doubt experienced the joy and the satisfaction that a truly fine cigar delivers. It is not a coincidence, therefore, that most cigar smokers have undertaken the hobby for the pure pleasure of the experience. It is not the addiction, the dependence, nor the peer pressure that causes us to light up our favorite stogie, pour ourselves a hot cup of coffee, relax, and savor those satisfying tastes and aromas. 

Whether you enjoy the subtle hint of cinnamon, or the noticeable presence of spiciness, there is surely a cigar out there that will deliver what you expect. Whether you prefer a full-bodied, hearty smoke, or a mild, less demanding cigar – there is a cigar maker somewhere who has your desires covered.

But, is there a deeper level of contentment and comfort in this experience than just taste, aroma and a fine smoke? What constitutes that immense pleasure? Why is this simple act of smoking a good cigar such a mysteriously gratifying phenomenon? 

The totality of a good cigar experience is nothing short of a growth process - a maturing of our soul, a refinement of our outlook on life, a fulfillment of our passions, a confirmation of our existence. The absolute beauty about all this is that the mind is not altered. We are sober, sane and completely reasonable. 

A truly enjoyable cigar transforms us into a state of calmness and relaxation. It is in this state that our minds function at their best. It is here where we, as human beings, abandon the daily drama of personal conflict and gridlock and transcend to a higher level of understanding of the true essence of life. This is the state where we stop pretending. We surrender to the absolute truth. This is the condition that enables us to differentiate between the superficial and the real, the fake and the genuine, the evil and the good. 

It is not a surprise then that when we get ready to read that fine novel, or that deeply provocative socio-political essay, we rest comfortably in our favorite armchair and take an eager yet a leisurely puff of our favorite brand. It is no surprise then that when we indulge in that intriguing and furious debate with those self-proclaimed, "all-knowing" experts, we do better with that lovely 54-ring gauge between our fingers.

Sarkis Ekshian